Our packaging

We have been working for years in close collaboration with our suppliers to improve our packaging and its environmental impact.

We try to use recycled materials wherever possible: this is the case with all our cardboard packaging. Look out for the little 'Printed on recycled cardboard' logo.

In addition, we print our packaging using vegetable inks.


Recycling our packaging enables us to:

- economise on natural resources used to manufacture packaging by avoiding wastage

- limit pollution linked to the accumulation of waste and other products discarded by humans

- manufacture new objects: once sorted, our waste can be recycled into new objects. Recycled paper and cardboard are used again for newspapers and cardboard packaging, for example.

- save energy: recycling waste materials consumes less energy than creating new material.

Packaging is recyclable via the normal waste-sorting channels: 

- glass

- cardboard

- tins and their metal lids (but not plastic caps)

Our packaging/products may be subject to waste-sorting rules. www.consignesdetri.fr