Did you know?

Despite its height, the banana is actually not a tree but a plant! Its corm produces leaves that can reach up to three metres high. Rolled up and nested within each other, they grow to form a 'pseudostem' that can reach up to 10 metres in height.

The first food plant cultivated by humans, the banana produces the second most popular fruit in France (after apples). 

A banana plant produces a single bunch composed of 200–300 bananas, which can weigh up to 50 kg.  Once this is bunch is cut, a new banana plant will grow back at the base of the first one.

Popular for its delicious and full-bodied flavour, the banana is also very healthy: a source of fibre, potassium and manganese, it is also nutritionally important as a source of starch, which is a slow-burning carbohydrate.  In order to maximise the benefits of their tasty flesh, Vitabio uses bananas harvested that have ripened under the Ecuadorian sun.